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Guide & Porter Hiring

Guide and Porter are the backbone of Nepal’s trekking and mountaineering. Without them and their support, performing trekking and mountaineering activities is impossible in the high Mountain. 

Because of the rugged mountain landscapes, adventure activities, be it trekking, mountaineering, rafting, or biking, are inherently fraught with multiple risks. Guides and porters help you in mountain navigation and ensure your immediate safety.

Trekkers must hire at least one licensed guide or porter while traveling in the Himalayas. Asiana Treks & Tours has a team of seasoned and experienced trekking, tour guides, and mountaineer leaders who have excelled in service during their duty. They are adept at organizing personalized treks and mountain tours and handling complex situations. 

You can easily hire our guide and porter for your trips in the Himalayas. Our trek and mountain guides have in-depth knowledge of landscapes, geography, people, culture, biodiversity, and hospitality. They use all the knowledge for your safety, comfort, and enjoyable journey throughout your trip with you. 

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