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Paragliding in Nepal

1 days
Max. Elevation
Group size
1 - 15+
Tourist bus / Private van
Best Season
August to November and March to June.
Starts at/ Ends at
kathmandu / kathmandu
Trip Route


    • Thrilling adventure experience the many Himalayan ranges from New Heights with Ultralight Flights.
    • Discover Nepal's Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung, Fishtail, and more mountain ranges like never before with Ultralight Flights. 
    • Soar high above the breathtaking landscape, cluster village, green hills, cultivated terraces, and witness the grandeur of nature from unique views. 
    • Capture stunning photographs, immerse yourself in the tranquility of the mountains, and create memories that will last a lifetime. 
    • Fantastic views of Pokhara City, Phewa Lake, and Begnas  Lake, as well as cluster villages, green hills, and cultivated terraces.
    • Lifetime Memories with the most spectacular paragliding experiences in the world.



Paragliding is an extraordinary adventure that will ignite your spirit and leave you craving more. Paragliding in Nepal is an experience that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, offering a unique opportunity to witness the world from a perspective only birds are accustomed to.
As you launch into the vast expanse of the Nepalese sky, a sense of liberation engulfs you. The gentle breeze carries you higher, and you are surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of snow-capped peaks that dominate the horizon. The Annapurna range, a majestic masterpiece of nature, unveils itself in all its grandeur, leaving you breathless with wonder.
Gliding effortlessly through the air, you become one with the elements, feeling the power of the wind against your face and the exhilaration of being suspended in mid-air. It's an experience that evokes a profound sense of freedom and connection to the natural world.
But the adventure doesn't end there. Your flight takes you over the mesmerizing Lake Fewa, a tranquil oasis amidst the rugged terrain. From above, you witness the lake's crystal-clear waters shimmering in the sunlight, reflecting the surrounding beauty like a mirror. The juxtaposition of serenity and excitement is a unique sensation that words can hardly capture.
As you gracefully navigate the skies, you find yourself in the company of fellow adventurers, each with their colorful paraglider decorating the heavens. It's a sight that resembles a vibrant tapestry, where people from different corners of the world come together, united by their shared love for exploration and adrenaline.
For those with the skills and credentials, Nepal also offers the opportunity to embark on a solo paragliding escapade. Taking the reins, you steer your glider precisely, dictating your path through the open sky. It's a moment of empowerment and self-discovery where you can truly immerse yourself in the art of flying.
If you crave more thrilling experiences, Nepal extends its invitation to the world of Zip Flying. This heart-pounding adventure allows you to soar at incredible speeds along a suspended cable, spanning breathtaking landscapes. Feel an overwhelming rush of excitement as you accelerate the air, taking in the stunning vistas beneath you.
With its diverse landscapes and remarkable topography, Nepal is a playground for adventurers seeking to push their limits and embrace the extraordinary. Paragliding and Zip Flying offer an unparalleled chance to witness nature's magnificence from an entirely new perspective, leaving an indelible imprint on your soul and generating lifelong memories.

Trip Itinerary

We embark on a scenic drive to Sarangkot, which takes approximately 45 minutes. Here, we'll experience the exhilaration of paragliding as we soar over the picturesque hill station and the stunning Pokhara Valley. After a thrilling 30-minute flight, we'll gracefully touch down on the banks of Fewa Lake, known as Pame, and then return to your accommodation. For travelers who want to go to Pokhara, Chapakharka, Kot Danda, Godawari, Phulchowki, and Bandipur, allocating a minimum of two days is advisable. If you wish to explore additional places beyond Pokhara, you can savor a scenic drive through Nepal's breathtaking landscapes to reach your destination. After your paragliding, you can continue your journey to your location or return to your hotel. For travelers engaged in various activities like trekking, tours, Safari, mountaineering, and peak climbing near those spots, Asiana Treks and Tours can quickly assist you in booking your Paragliding experience.

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    • Transportation to and from your hotel is provided for your convenience.
    • Enjoy a thrilling 30-minute paragliding experience with an experienced pilot guiding you.
    • Comprehensive insurance coverage is included for your safety and peace of mind.
    • All applicable taxes and service charges are already covered.

Doesn't Include

    • Any personal expenditures, such as souvenirs, meals not specified in the package, or additional activities, are not part of the package.
    • If you wish to have your paragliding adventure documented through video, this service may include an additional fee.

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