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Thakur Sapkota

Managing Director

Thakur Sapkota is a name often associated with trekking and adventure tourism in Nepal. 

Like many of his contemporaries, Sapkota joined the trekking profession as a porter in the early 1990s to meet his living costs at the time. Overtime, he got so passionate about his work that Sapkota ended up dedicating his entire youth and adult life to learning and excelling the craft of tourism. 

For Sapkota, it seemed a natural progression from porter to becoming fulltime trekking guide and leader. Being a tourist/trek guide has given him the exclusive privilege to represent his country as a cultural ambassador which he is most proud of. Even more rewarding is the opportunity tourism provided him to trek and visit rural villages and mountains in Nepal and learn about local culture and nature. And the perk of meeting thousands of international guests and trekkers and exchanging stories with them is a celebration on its own.

This eventful journey of a lifetime for Mr. Sapkota actually began from a small, remote village in Dhading district where he was born. He has served almost three decades in the tourism industry and has already served as the executive member of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN).

Today, Sapkota runs Asiana Treks and Tours, an independent, owner-operated travel company based in Kathmandu. Through this company, he continues to contribute directly to the development of trekking tourism in Nepal and at the same time inspire younger generation of trekking porters/guides to join tourism and make it their passion. 

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