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Asiana Trek and Tours

Asiana Trek and Tours

Asiana Trek & Tours is a travel company established to cater to the interest of the adventure travelers. Our services are unparalleled in the region as the company is established and run by the professionals who are in the tourism industry for 25 years. From the adventure trekking to cultural tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India, our well researched, perfectly tested and much liked itineraries and the services provided have no matches.

With an eligible and professional team of passionate adventurers, Asiana Treks team is able to deliver the most comprehensive tour and adventure trekking packages and impeccable services to the travelers. Led by a long time professional trekking guide in the Himalayas of Nepal, Asiana Treks knows about the necessities of the adventure travelers and provides the services accordingly. Traveling experience to the Himalayas and the other neighboring regions cannot get any better in terms of services. Our team is committed to making your adventure travel experience to the Himalayas an extraordinarily beautiful one.

Our itineraries have diverse features which give you multiple tastes of traveling experience even though you choose to travel in one style of trip. We are committed to showing the most of Nepal in the best way possible with the unparalleled service in the industry. Sign up for the trip of your choice and we shall make your holiday a special one with our incomparable hospitality.

Mount Everest

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Everest Gokyo Ri Trekking

Everest Gokyo Ri Trekking

Asiana treks and tours offer Everest Gokyo -Ri  trekking to be at the base of the highest mountain in the world! It is the dream of every adventure trekker and mountain lover. Trekking to Everest Base Camp brings your long-desired adventure to reality. Trekking in the Khumbu region through the...

18 days

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Managing Director

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